Sunshine, white water rafting and picnic at Laukaa

Finland is at its best during summertime. The gloomy weather of the past couple of years makes every sunny day just that little bit more special. Laukaa offers variety of different ways to spend a sunny day whether it was a picnic below the apple trees or an activity packed day by the booming rapids.

Perttula Farm brings a smile to your face

During the hottest days of May I grabbed couple of friends and headed to the Perttula Farm ( in Laukaa’s Leppävesi. I was surprised that I could find beautiful apple trees, green fields and a stunning historical farm just 20 minutes drive away from home.

Sisters Riitta, Raisa and Riina own the farm and run it with the help of the rest of their families. Riitta and Raisa were there to greet us when we arrived to the farm. Once we had parked our car Raisa took us on a tour of the farm lands which were huge! Next to the farm house there are beautiful green fields.  During summers the sisters have sheep there to roam around. Unfortunately we did not get to see them yet but maybe later in the summer.

Behind the fields there was a large forest. The forest was so calm and mysterious that one could almost expect a troll to appear from one of the rocks. Walking amongst the large and quiet trees was a great way to let your mind rest as well.

Back at the farm we set our picnic blanket by the apple trees and sat to eat. Riitta brought us the most adorable picnic basket filled with all kinds of treats from sandwiches to rhubarb dessert. The picnic, the lovely hosts and the 300-year old historical farm setting made Perttula a perfect place to visit on a sunny day.

Varjola has activities for everyone

After a day in the sun one might want to balance their holiday schedule with some activities. Varjola is the perfect place for that. I grew up in an active family I feel that if I had grown up in Laukaa would Varjola have been our regular place to visit. Varjola has activities for everyone as you can fish, white water raft, go to sauna, hike in nature, eat well or even have a paintball fight with your friends.

I headed to Varjola to go white water rafting for the first time in eight years. Before rafting I got to try Varjola’s Bistro Sylvi’s delicious ox burger. The burger was amazing but I was probably even more excited of their delicious ice latte! My spouse and I have been hunting for the perfect ice latte and I finally found it in Sylvi. So I sat down to enjoy the green yard in front of Sylvi and sipped my latte happily before hopping to an inflatable raft.

White water rafting is fun but wet! I strongly suggest that you remember to take a towel with as you might get soaked. I got to sit in the front of the inflatable raft so I was soaked from the neck down. But I did not mind as it is so much fun!

Perttula and Varjola are perfectly different

Perttula and Varjola have wonderful packages for different kinds of days. In Perttula you can enjoy the history of the farm, go for an active walk around the scenic farmlands or enjoy picnic with good friends. In Varjola you can sit and quiet down and enjoy an ice latte or go hop on an inflatable raft and rush down a rapid. Whatever mood you are in there is definitely something for you to do in both places!


And then the journey continues,